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James Bay Neighbourhood Association - Victoria, BC

James Bay Neighbourhood Association (JBNA) Organization

James Bay Neighbourhood Association (JBNA) monthly meetings

Monthly general meetings provide the community with an opportunity to comment on a variety of issues including rezoning, parks, transportation, land use, and environmental issues.

Meetings are held at James Bay New Horizons (234 Menzies St.) on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm.  These meetings are open to all James Bay residents.

Agendas and minutes are available on the sidebar or can be sent via e-mail to those who have identified an interest in the meetings. Contact the JBNA at jbna@vcn.bc.ca if you wish your name added to our listing.

We invite you to join the JBNA; to meet fellow community minded neighbours.

JBNA Executive Committee


Vice President

CALUC Co-Chairs


Marg Gardiner

Linda Carlson

Marg Gardiner
Tim Van Alstine

Laura Neil




Wayne Shillington

Bob Vander Steen

Tim Van Alstine

James Bay Neighbourhood Association (JBNA) Committees

JBNA Committees exist as an extension of the Board. Board Committees operate under Terms of Reference which have been approved by the Board. Committees monitor activities within James Bay, research issues, and make recommendations to the general membership.

In addition, JBNA members are actively involved with City of Victoria forums. The membership also advocates for rental and social housing.

2017/2018 Committees include:

Development Review (DRC)
The DRC holds preliminary meetings with developers to review re-zoning proposals, as required by the CALUC process. A DRC member reports on the proposal to the members monthly meeting, prior to a developer’s presentation.

Click for DRC Terms of Reference (March, 2017)

Quality of Life & Environment Committee (QoL)
The QoL committee is concerned with sustainability and environmental issues which relate to quality of life factors.  Substantial research on noise pollution, air-shed quality, and people movement issues have been undertaken since 2009.  Public green spaces, including parks and waterfront areas are integral to the livability of residents.  Surveys have also been taken periodically.

Click for QoL Terms of Reference (March, 2017)

The ATC, struck in 2016, has explored active transportation modes in James Bay.  Through activities/projects it is developing a proposal of an "all ages, all abilities, all active modes" transportation network for James Bay. The proposed network will feed into the Local Area Plan process contemplated for 2018/19.

Click for ATC Terms of Reference (March, 2017)


The Gardening Committee facilitates efforts to enhance food production and gardening activity in James Bay. The program is financed by the City of Victoria.

Click for JBGC Terms of Reference (March, 2017)

The well established Montreal Street Garden has partnered with JBNA to create a governance system which ensures the on-going prosperity of the garden.

Click for MSGJC Terms of Reference (March, 2017)

Density, Development and Character (DDC)
The DDC’s focus on housing and heritage issues, and streetscape inventories for discussion/inclusion in the revised James Bay Neighbourhood Plan.

Click here for the agenda.

Click here for minutes from last meeting.

JBNA Constitution
Click here for JBNA Constitution.

JBNA Priorities
Click here for JBNA Priorities.

JBNA Privacy Policy
Click here for JBNA Privacy Policy.

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