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RBCM Native Plant Garden

Parks and greens in James Bay owned by the City of Victoria


Holland Point Park Victoria BC     MacDonald Park Victoria BC     Fisherman’s Wharf Park Victoria BC     South Park Victoria BC

1. Holland Point Park [14 acres]
    Located south of Dallas Road, this mostly undeveloped park features open fields, wildflowers, trees, shrubs and access to beaches. A well-used scenic waterfront pathway travels waterfront cliffs from Boyd to Douglas Street, providing spectacular views of the Strait of Juan de Fuca and Olympic Mountains.
2. MacDonald Park [9 acres]
    Dominated by sports fields, MacDonald stretches between Niagara and Simcoe Streets. There is a playground but few other amenities.
3. Fisherman’s Wharf Park [4 ½ acres]
    Overlooking the wharf and on the new Harbour Pathway, the park is at Erie and St. Lawrence. A rehabilitated land project, this newly formed park today boasts a rain garden which serves to filter much of the storm drain waters of James Bay, a public herb garden, a well-used children's playground, a 'beach', a playing field for flying a kite or tossing a frisbee, and areas where park-users can sit on a bench or the grass and read a book.
4. South Park [3 ½ acres]
    Though the park is leased to the school district, residents are welcome. Located at Toronto/Douglas/Michigan, there is a playground, grass, picnic table and basketball play area. The undeveloped areas of the park feature large Garry oaks, huge boulders and native wildflowers in spring.
Irving Park Victoria BC     Todd Park Victoria BC     Laurel Point Park Victoria BC     Centennial Park Victoria BC

5. Irving Park [2 acres]
    Located in the centre of the neighbourhood at Menzies and Michigan Street, Irving could become the vibrant heart of the community. Currently, there is a playground, washroom, benches, interpretative sign and mural.
6. Todd Parkette and Tennis [1 acre]
    Two small parcels of land at Montreal and Niagara provide a playground for young children and tennis courts across the lane.
7. Laurel Point Park [1/2 acre]
    Features scenic pathways along the Inner Harbour.
8. Centennial Park [1/4 acre]
    Centennial Park is a small green at 200 Belleville.
Charles Redfern Park Victoria BC     Belleville Green Victoria BC     Lewis Street Parkette Victoria BC     Avalon Green Victoria BC

9. Charles Redfern Park [1/2 acre]
    A granite boulder dedicates this Quebec and Montreal park to a former Mayor of Victoria. There are four mature trees and benches.
10. Belleville Green [.15 acre]
    Belleville Green is a small public space at Belleville and Oswego.
11. Lewis Street Parkette [.12 acre]
    This small park at 32 Lewis St. has two pieces of play equipment, a picnic table, a bench, trees and plantings.
12. Avalon Green [.02 acre]
    The smallest park space in James Bay closes Avalon Street at Government. It has trees, plantings and a park bench.
Beacon Hill Park Victoria BC     Beacon Hill Park Victoria BC     Beacon Hill Park Victoria BC     Beacon Hill Park Victoria BC    

13. Beacon Hill Park [183 acres]
    This spectacular city-wide destination park is located on Douglas Street on the eastern boundary of James Bay. Half the area is included in the James Bay park area total. By far the largest park in the city, it includes lakes, large natural areas, ornamental gardens, bandshell, Children’s Farm, playgrounds, water play areas, sports fields, benches and tables. Beacon Hill Park and Holland Point Park are the oldest parks in Victoria; both were transferred from the Crown to the City of Victoria in 1882.
14. Quadra Park [.52 acre]
    The park is located at Belleville and Oswego in a busy tourist area. Trees, ornamental plantings and benches make it a pleasant place to sit or stroll.

Parks and greens in James Bay not owned by the City of Victoria

Quadra Park Victoria BC     Confederation Gardens  Plaza  Victoria BC     Legislature Grounds  Victoria BC

15. Confederation Gardens Plaza [1 acre]
    Located at Menzies and Belleville, across from the Legislative building, this unusual public space is maintained by the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia. An artificial waterfall flanked by provincial coats of arms stands in a large concrete plaza. Glacial striations in the rocks are visible near the Menzies sidewalk, geological evidence of the last ice age.
16. Legislature Grounds [9 acres]
    The Legislature buildings are surrounded by vast areas of lawn. The grounds also include a rose garden, ornamental plantings, two fountains and many large trees. Open to the public, the area is maintained by the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia.
Thunderbird Park and Elliott Square  Victoria BC            Federal Filled Foreshore  Victoria BC

17. Thunderbird Park and Elliott Square [1.25 acres]
    Adjacent to and maintained by the Royal B.C. Museum, these two public areas at Douglas and Belleville feature totem poles, picnic tables, paths, trees and vegetation close to heritage buildings.
18. Federal Filled Foreshore [2.25 acres]
    Transport Canada (TC) owns a portion of Laurel Point. The City of Victoria maintains both TC and city land as one integrated unit.


Public Food Gardens

Fisherman's Wharf Herb Garden Victoria BC     James Bay Allotment Garden Victoria BC     Garden of All Sorts  Victoria BC

19. Fisherman's Wharf Herb Garden (commonsCommons Gardens are maintained by community volunteers and can be harvested by all residents.)

    Located near the corner of Erie and St. Lawrence Streets, this garden planted with perennial herbs offers residents a place to cut fresh culinary seasonings year round.

20. James Bay Garden (allotmentsAllotment Gardens have individual garden plots that are maintained and harvested by individual gardeners.)

    The oldest allotment garden in the City of Victoria, located on Montreal Street between Simcoe and Niagara, contains 54 plots which can be rented.

21. The Neighbourhood Garden of All Sorts (allotments)

    Formerly the Michigan Street Community Garden, these allotments relocated to Niagara Street along the south side of Macdonald Park, reopened in 2016 with 18 plots.
JBNA gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the City of Victoria for the Community Garden Volunteer Coordination project.

Demonstration Gardens

VIRAGS Alpine and Rock Garden  Victoria BC            RBCM Native Plant Garden  Victoria BC

22. VIRAGS Garden in the Park (demonstration gardenDemonstration gardens are maintained for public education and enjoyment; no harvesting.)

    The Vancouver Island Rock and Alpine Society established this garden around a series of natural rock outcroppings in 1967 as a Centennial project, and it has been maintained since by club and community volunteers.

23. Royal BC Museum Native Plant Garden (demonstration garden)

    Established in 1968 and one of the first native plant gardens in the Pacific Northwest, the garden showcases plants – many with food or medicinal uses – from BC’s diverse ecosystems.

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James Bay Parks Report

This report was compiled by the James Bay Neighbourhood Associations Parks Committee to provide residents with current information about our community's parks and green space.

Read the parks report here.
(PDF 92kb)

James Bay Community Gardens

This report provides an overview of community gardens in James Bay.

Read the community gardens report here.
(PDF 97kb)

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